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Who is Corey?

    Our story is really a story about one person. One thing is for sure most people would describe him as someone who is authentic, understanding, patient and kind. He is a man who has found many passions in his journey of life. One of those passions is working with and supporting people with special needs. Over his 22 years of working as an Educational Assistant he has focused his time towards students with Autism. His work as an Educational Assistant has brought him recognition within the city of Hamilton and even won a Ontario wide award for the work he has done.​     


Being a Life Coach and being able to support people one on one with their goals has been a dream he has had for a very long time. Like many things in Corey’s life this decision was inspired by a former student. This student was not a part of the special needs program but was a member of the school drumline program he operated that was inclusive and gave every student who wanted to join a place to belong. This student reached out to him as she was going through college to become an Educational Assistant. She was also diagnosed after high school to be on the spectrum. As he did everything he could to support her through her challenging time, she inspired him to follow another one of his dreams.​ 


Corey wants to take this opportunity to use his many years of experiences and connections to support people with autism achieve their goals large or small. He will work to support the individual person or also support their families.

Corey Pearce Hamilton Ontario

Kind Words from Former Students

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